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Waste Disposal Service

Bulky Waste provides the Dublin community with dedicated waste disposal services through fully integrated disposal solutions. Whether you renovate your home, refurbish your office or renovate it, it can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive to remove the waste. Bulky Waste therefore eliminates the burden by offering quick and efficient house clearance, waste disposal and business waste management solutions from Dublin. We are not a traditional waste disposal business, we are fully involved in our activities. This is how we can guarantee extreme reactivity. The team of Bulky Waste will visit your website by booking an appointment and measure the costs of removing unwanted content. Our professionals use special equipment to dismantle any undesirable furniture or parts of your garage. Additionally, Bulky Waste will help you remove any unwanted items or clean up your office if you have a business in Dublin. Even if you are a restaurant and want to renovate or supply additional food products to your kitchen, you can rely on our services. We will help you regain the cleanliness of your office and remove any abandoned products that prevent your business from performing best. By guaranteeing a greener footprint, we will help your company achieve its social responsibility goals. Stop wasting your time and resources and call our Bulky Waste specialist team today!
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Fridges & Freezers Stoves & Dishwashers Sofas. Tables & Chairs Mattresses / Box Springs Head Boards & Carpets.

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Old TV's Of Any Size Computers & Monitors Printers Cables & Phones Bicycles Exercise Equipment.

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Lumber & Drywall Trims Deck Materials Cabinets & Tiles Mirrors & Toilets Branches & Limbs Tree Trimming.

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We are an economical alternative to hiring a skip. We try to offer a collection on the same day and once we collect.

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Quest for Dublin Waste Clearance? Waste Away quickly and efficiently eliminates any unnecessary waste.

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Our efficient and friendly service ensures dry, tidy and waste free of your office, shop or factory. 80 percent.

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Bulky Waste is a Dublin based waste management company that promises homeowners and companies personalized and highly reliable waste management solutions. We have fully built-in facilities and help you clean the mess in record time. Our team is there whether you need assistance in the disposal of discarded furniture or objects, or need to demolish your old garage. Bulky Waste uses innovative technology and experience to optimize the cycle of waste disposal and reduce any damage to your home, workplace and climate. If you own a business and wish to prevent damage to your product or company, Bulky Waste will help to streamline your waste flow. Never again will you have to worry about your waste management. It is harmful to your health to treat hazardous substances such as asbestos. And if you have the toxic mineral in your home or workplace, you are exposed to diseases like mesothelioma or asbestosis. Therefore, your best approach is to call Bulky Waste and we will conduct a site survey. When we identify asbestos in the structure of the building we will perform safe removal procedures. You should never try to remove yourself asbestos. The team of Bulky Waste is available 24/7 to assist in the safest and most efficient waste disposal. Only call Bulky Waste and say the garbage farewell. 


Bulky Waste deals with all waste removal operations in your home or office. Our team assesses the amount of waste to be collected and offers an offer. If you agree to our affordable prices, we will get rid of your waste immediately. Dublin bags or bin bags are used to store your home or office waste and you will have clean room. You can address Bulky Waste when you are away and need a Dublin company to eliminate professional waste. The build-up of waste at home also leads to health issues. Waste decomposes after a certain period and releases toxic substances which, if inhaled, can cause health problems. Rubbish is also a good mouse and shelter for insects. You will face major problems if you wait too long to remove waste. When you fly regularly, before you return we will plan and clean up your website. House and garden rubbish removal is our expertise, and we take care of everything from removing unnecessary furniture to demolishing old garages in the safest possible way.

* NOTE: Combine any service with skip hire, house clearance, furniture removal, garden waste removal, rubbish removal and benefit from our discounts, membership and combo deals. Or just simply contact us for a free quote. Please also have a look at our amazing testimonials and gallery.

Useful Links: National Waste Collection Permit, Irish Waste Management Association


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